Whether you are already a committed follower of Jesus, curious as to this whole church thing, or somewhere in between, you are welcome! At Hope Christian Community you will find a church of regular folk that still has some “dys” in front of their function; therefore, we will never expect that you should have your life all put together to worship with us.



We understand that visiting a new church can be an uncomfortable experience, so to make things a little more comfortable, here’s what you can expect:

Message: Solid biblical preaching and teaching from the Bible that is relevant for today’s life situations.  If you don’t have a Bible, that’s ok, we have them at the Welcome Center and you can take one home with you.


Singing: We worship the Lord through song, which is an expression of our love and thanksgiving for His matchless grace. Worship songs are scripture based and the words are projected on a screen to enable you the freedom of worship without having to hold and turn pages.


Communion: We take communion in remembrance of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world. This is another way for us to express our love and thankfulness for Jesus making a way of salvation for all who will receive it. All who believe that communion represents the body and blood of Jesus are welcome to participate during this time by eating the bread and drinking from the cup as they are passed to you.


Giving: We believe that God is doing great things through the ministries of Hope Christian Community, so we give money to support what’s happening. If you are visiting with us, please do not feel obligated to give. We are excited and thankful to have you with us!

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